The Impact Collection 🌍

Create an environmental impact with our Impact Collection Tees Range 🌍

We are really excited to introduce our range of impact tees that partner with amazing charities working around the world, to give a little back this year with each item bought.

A purchase of any item in the collection is directly responsible for either 🌊 1kg of ocean plastic cleanup, or for the planting of 5 trees 🌲.

There is no sign up involved, all you need to do is select the t shirt you want, and the environmental impact will automatically be applied.

Each contribution is fully traceable, and you will receive an update on your impact by e mail. Our partners on this are Empower ( for ocean clean up) and Eden Projects ( for tree planting) . 

This is something dear to our cause, and we are delighted that you can now be part of having a traceable environmental impact with any of these items you buy.

for more information on any of our Charity partners please see here :

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