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The Skellig Michael t shirt

The Skellig Michael t shirt

We had an amazing trip down to the Skellig Islands earlier this year. Its a part of Ireland that I think everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

Its a bumpy ride out there, but its worth every bit.These dramatic Islands seem to rise out of the ocean before your eyes as the ship get nearer. Apart from the cliffs of moher there is no other place in Ireland that has such stunning and raw beauty. Its hard to believe that skellig Michael was still a functioning monastery up until the 12th century. There has been a lot of increased interest in the islands, as they have been the filming location for Star wars the last jedi and star wars the force awakens. However it doesnt seem to have affected the islands in a negative way as they are well protected as a UNESCO heritage site.

I wanted to make a design for the islands as soon as we got back. I wanted it to be both simple and iconic at the same time. After loads of variations and trial runs, we finally decided upon the design we now have, and Im really happy with it. Since printing, the skellig michael t shirt has been shipped all around ireland, to north america, and a few places around europe too. Its been bought by lovers of the Skelligs, lovers of Star Wars and those who just simply love the design. Im happy either way, its just been a design Ive really enjoyed doing, and seeing others feel the same way about it is such a kick.
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