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I had been drawing designs for a while and loving it, creating t-shirts and sweaters for friends and family on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays.

People loved the images created and I really enjoyed seeing the designs ‘coming to life’ on the clothing in a way I couldn‘t see it happen on paper. For me, it is like the designs awaken on garments and are able to tell us a story while bringing back memories.



My wife (and now business partner) Mel, who saw that I enjoyed my hobby much more than my actual job, said one day ‘You should bring these t-shirts to more people, I think they are lovely and will be liked – you should start your own business’ and as she supported me in creating new designs and screen printing each one by hand in our living room I gained momentum to create more.

In 2016, with great support from family and friends Due South was born. The vision I have is to create simple minimalist but beautiful designs, that reflect the version of life in Ireland that I know and believe in. From our rugged coastlines with world-class surf, the richness of our nature with its green hills and Celtic heritage to our cities steeped in history.


"I am proud to be Irish and it's my mission to put forward a vision of Ireland we can be proud of, and which captures the heart and soul of the land and its people."

I want to showcase the best of what we have to offer in this country, in a clean and simple style, to leave room for your own interpretation and your own stories woven into the designs. Mel calls it ‘la nostalgia’ for a piece of home. Something that feels good. Something that captures the heart. Something that connects us to home. We hope you will love the designs of our heartfelt version of Ireland while enjoying the softness and cosiness of the sustainable and eco-friendly materials we use throughout our range. To learn more about the garments we use, come on over here.

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