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Embrace Irish Summer Nostalgia

Embrace Irish Summer Nostalgia

How is it nearly June? It feels like just yesterday we were bundled up in cosy sweaters, and now we’re getting ready for the sun-soaked days of summer.



As the days get longer and warmer, we can't help but feel a sense of nostalgia for our magical childhood summers filled with endless play and adventure. One of the things you remember most about an Irish summer is the palette of colours on display. And you can’t help but be inspired by all the colour around you. Naturally, they work their way into our designs. We borrow inspiration from our environment around us at Due South like landscapes, cultural icons and even our hobbies to create our Summer Editions.



For us summer is about spending as much time as we can outdoors, usually in the mountains or close to the sea. Influenced by the palms of LA and of course our very own sunny southeast of Wexford, our Summer Haze Organic Cotton Tee combines lazy summer evenings and Paul’s love of surfing. Is it just us or do you remember warmer summers where you were young? It feels like we spent our summers making daisy chains and roaming fields of buttercups and fox gloves. Smelling flowers and listening to bees buzzing and birds chirping. Depending what part of the country you lived in, you might even remember lambs and calves bouncing in the fields.


Or how about the simple joy of lying in the grass, watching the clouds drift by, and imagining them as fantastical creatures? Summer was a time when the world seemed larger and more colourful. Our Summer Edition tees are designed to bring back those feelings, combining comfort, breathability and a touch of nostalgia.


Often summer is a time of creativity with so much life and vibrancy, there are so many colours to see life through the lens of. This creativity led to merging traditional items with a calligraphy technique in our Colourful Moments tee.



When you think of summer in Ireland you might think of picking blackberries in your grandparents’ garden or a walk in the local gardens, surrounded by pink and yellow roses and giant sunflowers. And speaking of flowers, what are your plans for the June Bank Holiday weekend? Bord Bia Bloom – Ireland’s largest gardening festival takes place over 5 days from Thursday May 30th until Monday June 3rd across a staggering 70 acres of the Phoenix Park, Dublin. You’ll find Due South at the Retail Indoor space at G38.


This is our 5th year as an exhibitor at Bloom and we absolutely love hearing your feedback and would love to know what designs you’d like to see next so be sure to pop by and say hi.


Both Summer Haze and Colourful Moments are limited edition tees, available only while stocks last. They’re perfect for adding a splash of summer to your wardrobe and making new memories in style. If you love Irish summers, you’ll love our Summer Editions.


Due South:


Due South is a sustainable and responsible fashion brand based in Dublin. Our unique designs are produced by our founder Paul and showcase all of the beauty and wonders that Ireland has to offer. All our products are made from either 100% organic cotton or 100% recycled materials and are certified vegan friendly. We aim to help protect our planet, for many summers to come.

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