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The Ultimate Guide to Bloom 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Bloom 2024

What are your plans for the Bank Holiday weekend? Bord Bia's Bloom Garden Festival is the place to be!


This vibrant event, often just called "Bloom," is the largest garden festival in Ireland, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year. Let’s dive into what makes Bloom 2024 a must-visit event and answer some of the burning questions you might have.


So, what is Bloom?


Bord Bia's Bloom is Ireland's premier garden festival. It was created by Bord Bia in 2007 with the main goal to promote horticulture and gardening in Ireland. And since then, Bloom has evolved into a celebration of gardening and a showcase of Irish food and drink.


And how many people attend Bloom?


Bloom has a loyal following, with attendance numbers soaring over the years. Back in 2017 alone, over 120,000 people flocked to the festival. For 2024, more than 100,000 attendees are expected. That’s a lot of people sharing in the joy of beautiful gardens and delicious food!


Where Can You Purchase Tickets?


You can purchase tickets here. Full price adult tickets are €30 each, up to 2 children 12 & under can go free with a paying adult and €5 for additional children. Concession tickets are available at €25 each if you're a student or 66+.


Why is Bloom Famous?


Bloom is famous for its stunning garden displays, which are created by some of Ireland’s most talented garden designers. Each year, these designers outdo themselves with innovative with breathtaking creations. Beyond the gardens, Bloom is also renowned for its culinary experiences, featuring the best of Irish produce, live cooking demonstrations, and a bustling food village.


How Long Has Bloom Been Running?


Bloom first opened its gates in 2007, making 2024 its 17th year. Over nearly two decades, it has established itself as a highlight on Ireland’s festival calendar, continuously evolving and growing in popularity.


Where is Bord Bia Bloom?


Bloom is hosted in the Phoenix Park, one of the largest enclosed parks in any European capital city. It’s a beautiful, spacious venue that’s perfect for an event of this scale.


How Can You Get to Bloom?


There are several ways you can get to the Phoenix Park:


By Car: But where can you park at Bloom? You can park at Bloom for €10 per day and can purchase your car parking ticket when you’re purchasing your Bloom ticket at Ticketmaster. Follow the signs and the instructions from the parking attendants.


Public Transport: Dublin Bus and the Luas offer convenient routes to the Phoenix Park. Check their websites for schedules and stops. Heuston Train Station is also super close to the Phoenix Park and offers you the option of getting the train and/or parking for a fee.


It’s important to note there will be some free shuttle buses running on a loop from Park Gate Street to Bord Bia Bloom and back from 8.30am to 7.00 pm daily.


Cycling:  Depending on where you’re travelling from you could cycle to Bloom. There are bike racks available at the Park Gate Street and Castleknock entrances to the park.


What Can You Expect at Bloom?


At Bloom, there’s something for everyone. You’ll find:


Show Gardens: This year there are 21 Show Gardens, each with innovative designs and planting.

Food Village: Showcasing over 80 of the best of Irish food and drink producers. Three of our favourites we recommend you visit are: Wildwood Balsamics, award winning oak barrel aged balsamic vinegars, using wild and foraged ingredients sourced in the west of Ireland. The usually sell out within the first two days so be quick. The Wooded Pig, they are premium producers of free-range pork, beef and venison. And the other foodie place to check out is ProKulture Organic Kombucha.

Workshops and Talks: There are 5 stages with educational sessions on gardening, sustainability, and cooking.

Family Activities: There will be live music and children's demonstrations.

Retail: You'll find over 140 Stalls offering plants, gardening tools, fashion and artisanal crafts​


 And of course, you’ll find us there too, with our most popular designs and our latest summer inspired Summer Editions collection.



What Date is Bloom 2024?


Bloom 2024 will take place from Thursday, May 30th to Monday, June 3rd opening at 9am until 6pm each day. Mark your calendars and get ready for five days of floral fun and foodie delights!


Are Dogs Allowed at Bloom?


You may bring your service/guide dog only with you to Bloom. No other dogs are allowed. Bord Bia's Bloom 2024 promises to be a fantastic event, celebrating the best of Irish horticulture and cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, a food lover, or looking for a fun day out, Bloom has something to offer. 


You’ll find Due South at the Indoor Retail Indoor Pavilion at G38. This is our 5th year as an exhibitor at Bloom and we absolutely love hearing your feedback and would love to know what designs you’d like to see next so be sure to pop by and say hi.



Sustainability Focus:

Bloom prioritizes sustainability by actively working to minimize its environmental footprint and encouraging visitors to adopt eco-friendly practices. This dedication is evident in their innovative approach to reusing and repurposing elements of the show gardens. After the festival, many garden features are relocated to community spaces, extending their life and benefits beyond the event itself. This initiative not only reduces waste but also enhances local green spaces, promoting a lasting impact on environmental awareness and community well-being​.


Due South:

Due South is a sustainable and responsible fashion brand based in Dublin. Our unique designs are produced by our founder Paul and showcase all of the beauty and wonders that Ireland has to offer. All our products are made from either 100% organic cotton or 100% recycled materials and are certified vegan friendly. We aim to help protect our planet, for many summers to come.

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