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Ha‘Penny Bridge Design

Ha‘Penny Bridge Design

Very excited to showcase our newest design - the Ha‘Penny Bridge.

This one was a challenge. We designed many different versions before finally coming to this one. When they say creativity is a process - this was the definition of step by step creativity for us.
I think we started the first version of the design 2 years ago, after having so many customers asking us for a ha’penny design.
The Ha’Penny Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in Dublin, built in the early 1800 and officially called the Liffey bridge.

The nickname Ha’Penny came from a toll of a half-penny that was in place in the 1800‘s for crossing the bridge, which was dropped in 1919.
If you have crossed it at different times of the day, I am sure you have noticed the amazing skies you can get while the sun is setting. 🌅
So this one is for all of you who have travelled across the bridge and have been yearning to see it on our tees.

Ha‘penny bridge

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