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Natural Wonders of Ireland Series: Benbulben, Co. Sligo

Natural Wonders of Ireland Series: Benbulben, Co. Sligo

Benbulben Mountain, located in County Sligo, is one of Irelands natural wonders. Benbulben is part of the Daltry Mountain Range. This famous table mountain is the region's landmark and appears in numerous legends, which is not surprising given its truly mystical and fascinating appearance. Formed over 320 million years ago during the Ice Age by migrating glaciers, the mountain is famous for its incredible walks, views, unique flora and fauna and is a site of great geological significance.

The mountain, which is on many people's bucket list, can be hiked in just under two hours. A hike to the summit is 5 km long and takes you through forests, past stunning waterfalls, gorges and glacial tracks. Once at the summit, you'll be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding area, Sligo Bay and the Wild Atlantic Way.

Benbulben is the home to many unique flora and fauna, some of which are found nowhere else in Ireland. Most famous is the Fringed Sandwort, which scientists believe is over 100,000 years old.

Benbulben has been designated as a County Geological Site.  The mountain was originally formed during the Ice Age underneath huge glaciers and many fossils can be found in the limestone of the mountain, particularly sea creatures such as Brachiopods.

Of course, like many other places in County Sligo, the mountain is famous for its association with the poet W.B. Yeats. References to the mountain can be found in many of his works, including the last poem he wrote before his death, "Under Ben Bulben." Yeats is buried in the shadow of the mountain in Drumcliffe Cemetery.

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