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Where do People Living in Ireland Go On Holidays from Due South

Where do People Living in Ireland Go On Holidays?

Ah, summer in Ireland! When the sun shines, there's no place quite like it. But let's be real – the Irish weather is notoriously unpredictable.

As much as we love Ireland, sometimes people living in Ireland crave a bit more sunshine and warmth. With school holidays in full swing, it's the perfect time to start planning your summer getaway. So, where do Irish people travel to the most?


Where do People Living in Ireland Go On Holidays?


When it comes to summer holidays, many families living in Ireland look beyond our shoreline. An article by The Irish Post reports that, according to data collected by Aer Lingus, Spain is the top European destination for 60% of Irish travellers in 2024, followed by Portugal at 30% and France at 26%​. And despite planned industrial action by IALPA Aer Lingus pilots, the trend is expected to continue.


Why Do Irish Holidaymakers Go to Spain?


Spain's popularity among Irish travellers is no accident. Several factors contribute to its status as the top destination:

  1. Consistent Sunshine: One of the main reasons is the guaranteed good weather. Unlike Ireland's unpredictable climate, Spain offers reliable sunshine, which can be so needed in the depths of winter in Ireland.

  2. Beautiful Beaches: Yes, we have absolutely stunning beaches in Ireland too but the combination of beautiful beaches, warm sun and little to no wind is just so good for the soul. Spain boasts some of the most stunning beaches in Europe. From the Costa del Sol to the Balearic Islands, there's no shortage of beautiful coastal spots to relax and unwind.

  3. Cultural Richness: Spain's rich cultural heritage, from flamenco dancing in Andalusia to the architectural wonders of Gaudí in Barcelona, offers a diverse range of experiences for visitors. Not to mention the delightful food too.

  4. Short Flight Times: With flights from Ireland to Spain typically taking less than 3 hours, it’s a convenient and accessible destination for families.

  5. Affordability: Compared to other European destinations, Spain is relatively affordable, offering good value for money in terms of accommodation, food, and entertainment.


Why Do Irish Holidaymakers Go to Portugal?

Portugal is another fantastic option for Irish travellers. Its stunning coastline, historic cities, and warm climate make it a top contender. Here’s why Portugal is so appealing:

  1. Diverse Landscapes: From the golden beaches of the Algarve to the lush vineyards of the Douro Valley, Portugal offers a variety of landscapes to explore.

  2. Rich History and Culture: Cities like Lisbon and Porto are brimming with historical landmarks, vibrant neighborhoods, and rich cultural experiences. The blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy creates a unique atmosphere.

  3. Delicious Cuisine: Portuguese food is renowned for its fresh seafood, flavorful dishes, and world-class wines. The culinary delights are a significant attraction for many travelers.

  4. Mild Climate: Portugal enjoys a mild climate year-round, making it an ideal destination for those seeking warmth and sunshine.

  5. Friendly Locals: The welcoming and hospitable nature of the Portuguese people adds to the overall travel experience, making visitors feel at home.


Why Do Irish Holidaymakers Go to France?

France is another favourite among Irish holidaymakers, and for good reason. Here’s why so many choose to spend their holidays in France:

  1. Rich Cultural Heritage: France is synonymous with art, history, and culture. From the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris to the historic châteaux of the Loire Valley, there’s no shortage of cultural landmarks to explore.

  2. Gastronomy: French cuisine is world-famous, and for many, sampling local food and wine is a highlight of their trip. Whether it's enjoying a croissant in a Parisian café or savoring wine in Bordeaux, the culinary experiences are unforgettable.

  3. Diverse Landscapes: France offers a variety of landscapes, from the sunny beaches of the French Riviera to the snowy peaks of the Alps. This diversity makes it a great destination for both relaxation and adventure.

  4. Accessibility: France is easily accessible from Ireland, with numerous direct flights and the option of ferry travel. This convenience makes it a practical choice for families.

  5. Family-Friendly Destinations: France boasts many family-friendly destinations, including Disneyland Paris, which is a big hit with kids.


Packing for the Journey

Regardless of where you decide to spend your summer, packing the right clothing is crucial. This is where Due South comes in 😊. As a sustainable Irish clothing brand, we understand the importance of combining style with responsibility. Our Summer Collection ensures you look great while minimizing your environmental impact.


Share Your Adventures with Us

We love seeing you enjoy your holidays in our sustainable and breathable clothing. If you're jetting off this summer, be sure to pack your favourite Due South tees and capture the moments. Whether it's a selfie on a Spanish beach or a family photo in the Portuguese sun, share your snaps with us. Tag us on social media – we'd love to see where your travels take you.




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