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Summer Solstice in Ireland 2024

Summer Solstice in Ireland

As we approach the magical date of June 20th, excitement builds for the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. This special day has been revered across cultures and centuries, and here at Due South, we see it as the perfect moment to embrace the season of renewal and change.


But what exactly makes June 20th so special, and how did ancient Irish civilizations celebrate this significant day? Let's dive into the fascinating world of the summer solstice and how you can celebrate it.


What is Special About June 20th?


June 20th / 21st is a date that holds astronomical and cultural significance. Known as the summer solstice, it marks the moment when the Earth's tilt towards the sun is at its maximum, resulting in the longest day of daylight of the year. This is a time when daylight extends well into the evening, giving us more time to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings. On the west coast of Ireland for example first light is at 4:12am and last light at 11:09pm on Thursday 20th of June 2024.



But is June 20th always the first day of summer? While June 20th often coincides with the first day of summer, this isn't always the case. The official start of summer can vary depending on the calendar used, but for many, the summer solstice is synonymous with the season's beginning and a time of change. Officially, the summer solstice begins Thursday, June 20th, 2024, at 9:50pm.


What Happens on the Summer Solstice?


The summer solstice isn't just about having extra hours of daylight; it's a time steeped in tradition and celebration. Across the globe, people gather to mark this day with festivals, rituals, and ceremonies. This astronomical event has inspired countless cultures to celebrate the power and energy of the sun.


How is June 20th the Longest Day of the Year?


So strictly speaking it is not the longest day of the year but the day with the most hours of daylight. During the summer solstice, the North Pole is tilted closest to the sun, meaning the sun takes the longest path through the sky, giving us more daylight hours. This phenomenon is not just a modern curiosity but a significant marker for ancient civilizations as well.


How Did Ancient Irish Civilizations Celebrate and Mark the Summer Solstice?


Ireland has a rich history of solstice celebrations, deeply rooted in its ancient past. The summer solstice was a time of great importance for ancient Irish civilizations. Sites like Newgrange Co, Meath and Carrowkeel Co. Sligo are aligned with the solstice sunrise, indicating the day’s significance. These ancient people celebrated with feasts, bonfires, and ceremonies to honour the sun's power and its vital role in agriculture and life.


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The summer solstice is a perfect moment to reflect on the power of nature and our connection to the Earth. Here at Due South, we believe that fashion can be a meaningful part of this celebration by embracing the longevity and sustainability of our garments. Our classic t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters are designed to stand the test of time, ensuring you can wear them all year round, year after year, without ever going out of style. Produced using advanced machinery and innovative methods that minimise water usage and repurpose off-cuttings, our clothing supports organic farmers who avoid environmentally harmful chemicals. 




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