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What is a Sea Swell?

What is a Sea Swell?

With the crisp sea air in our lungs and the horizon stretching endlessly before us, it's time to celebrate the awe-inspiring power of the ocean with our latest collection, “Swell Season.”


As we embrace the rugged beauty of the Irish west coast, let’s dive into the mesmerizing world of sea swells, a fundamental aspect of the sea that inspires our designs and reminds us of the relentless force and majesty of nature.


What is a Sea Swell?


So the first question you might ask is what is a sea swell? Imagine you're at The Cliffs of Moher, staring out at the vast ocean. Sometimes, you'll see rows of waves coming in, one after the other, looking neat and orderly. These aren't just any waves; they're called swells. Think of swells like waves that have travelled a super long way, across thousands of miles, because of storms happening far out at sea, not just because the wind is blowing right where you are.



Why Does the Sea Swell?


Swells start off in the middle of the ocean, where big storms push the water around, kind of like when you splash in a bathtub. These storms can be really far away, usually in the deep ocean. The water starts moving in circles but then stretches out into waves that travel all the way to where you might be standing on the shore. It's like when you throw a pebble into a pond, and you see ripples spread out. The bigger the storm, the bigger the waves.



How to Check Sea Swell?


For those who feel the call of the wild waves, modern technology brings the ocean’s pulse to your fingertips. Surf forecasts apps like Surfline and weather apps like YR offer detailed insights into upcoming swells, including their height, direction, and the rhythm of their arrival. This information not only feeds your surfer soul but also connects us all to the ocean's timeless ebb and flow, inviting us to stand in awe on the shore or ride the wave in harmony with nature.



How is Sea Swell Measured?


The language of the sea is spoken through the measurements of swells – height, period, and direction. Height tells us how tall the waves are, from the trough to the crest; period measures the time between each wave crest, revealing the speed of the swell; and direction shows from where the swell has journeyed. Together, these measurements paint a picture of the ocean’s mood, guiding sailors, surfers, and sea lovers alike. And if you love to surf, swells will be your best friend.




What is the Biggest Sea Swell Recorded Off the Coast of Ireland?


Ireland, with its legendary coastlines and maritime heritage, has witnessed some formidable swells. The record-holder is a colossal 67-foot swell off the coast of Fastnet Lighthouse in 2007, a monument to the wild spirit of the Irish Sea. And speaking of Fastnet Lighthouse, you'll love our Fastnet collection.




As we unveil “Swell Season,” we invite you to embrace the strength, resilience, and beauty of the sea swell. Let it remind us of our place in the natural world, inspiring us to live and create with respect for the mighty oceans that cradle our island. 



Here's to the swells that carry us forward, to the adventures that await on the crest of the next wave. We’ll leave you with one of Paul’s favourite quotes and it’s from Jon Kabat-Zinn, “ You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”



About Due South:


Due South is a sustainable and responsible fashion brand based in Dublin. Our unique designs are produced by our founder Paul and showcase all of the beauty and wonders that Ireland has to offer. All our products are made from either 100% organic cotton or 100% recycled materials and are certified v
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