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What is the Celtic Dara Knot?

What is the Celtic Dara Knot?

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner on March 17th, this is the perfect time to delve into our Irish history and culture. St Patrick’s Day has become a global celebration of Irishness, and few things symbolise Ireland more than Celtic knotwork.


And this leads us to one of your favourite Due South designs, the Celtic Dara Knot.


Celtic Dara Knot Tee from Due South Clothing at


First off, what exactly is the Celtic Dara Knot?


So, the Celtic Dara Knot is one of many knot symbols used by the Celts. The earliest examples found so far date back to Roman floor tiles from the 3rd or 4th century before the Celts made their way west to Ireland.


The rich legacy of Celtic knots, including the Dara knot, is celebrated in masterpieces like The Book of Kells. At its core, the Dara Knot is made up of interwoven lines with no start or end symbolizing the eternal cycle of life, nature, and the interconnectedness of all things.


Celtic symbols often depicted animals, natural elements, and intricate patterns. They believed that everything in the world was interconnected, much like the threads of our sustainable clothing, where each choice impacts the whole.


But why 'Dara'?


Well, in Irish, 'doire' means 'oak tree'. Historically, Celts viewed the oak tree as a sacred symbol. The oak was revered for its size and longevity.


Hidden beneath the earth is a network of sprawling roots holding strong against the north Atlantic wind. The Dara Knot is inspired by the root system of the mighty oak, representing strength, wisdom, and endurance.


We love the outdoors and so everything we do is with Mother Nature in mind. And just as the Celtic Dara Knot represents the eternal cycle of life and interconnectedness of nature, our commitment to slow fashion echoes these principles, emphasizing a sustainable and harmonious relationship with our environment.


The idea of creating the tee came from the symbolism that the Dara Knot represents which is strength, courage, and wisdom. We felt it has a good representation of the Celtic History of Ireland. Paul drew the Knot by hand before transferring to the screen, to add more of an authentic feel to it.


As we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we encourage you to remember that your strength and resilience are as enduring as the ancient oaks of Ireland.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Paul, Mel and Due South Team.

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